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Clare Toms new solo show Fleeting Bonds

BY 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace | 16-Oct-2012
Time. You cannot see it, feel it or touch it, but it is there in all of its impermanence. Some moments just pass on by. Others have the power to change things forever. Clare Toms explores the basic yet very complex theme of time and transience in her newest solo show Fleeting Bonds opening at 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace on Saturday 27 October from 6pm-8pm.
Venue: 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace
Address: 19 Karen Avenue Mermaid Beach QLD 4218
Date: Saturday 27 October 2012
Time: 6pm-8pm
Ticket: FREE
Web: http://www.19karen.com.au/clare-toms/clare-toms-new.php
: http://www.facebook.com/19KAREN
EMail: info@19karen.com.au
Call: (07) 55545 019
Fugitive Hours - 2012
Oil on Canvas
50 x 60 cm

Melbourne artist Toms has always had a penchant for exploring themes of intangibility and physical transience in the conceptual development of her work. The Fleeting Bonds series is no different and further explores memory and the concept of time as transience – the seconds and moments throughout life that blend to create the passing of time. “These works are memento-mori pieces, reminding us of the rapid, momentary association of things – moments, people and bonds that meet and pass. They aim to explore fragility and beauty, strength and vulnerability: a juxtaposition and tension between the fleeting and the perpetual,” says Toms.

Like anyone and everyone, we have all had and felt the force of these moments so it is no surprise that Toms is drawing on her life experiences to date to tell the story. “I draw on various experiences that have come to pass in my life until now, huge moments that have impacted and changed the course of my life and how I encounter the world today in a day-to-day sense with this history in mind. Moments that although in the past, are with me in the present; moments of joy as well as immense loss,” says Toms.

Her oil on canvas works for Fleeting Bonds have a consistent colour palette to compliment the visual themes and concepts. Toms’ paintings usually feature two characters: a skull and a bird. The skull figures in the paintings accompany the theme to remind us of our mortality whilst the birds hold the key to unlocking the message. “There is a sense of transience and being transported that I love in birds - that there is a freedom of flight and limitless boundaries. That which we seek to attain, and what we can take from contemplating this aspect of birds. Birds hold strong and varied cultural and spiritual significance,” says Toms.

Her works can be described as somewhat still-life, to remind the viewer to think of their mortality or assemblages of day-to-day experiences designed to make us contemplate the quieter and unnoticed aspects of life.

Please join us, Clare Toms and guest speaker Donal Fitzpatrick for the Opening Night of Fleeting Bonds at 19 KAREN on Saturday 27 October 2012. To RSVP please email info@19karen.com.au or call on (07) 55545 019 by 13 October.