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Chimp Cop Forever - Brand new sketch comedy at MICF

BY Timothy Clark | 18-Mar-2017
Adam Knox, Ben Vernel, Rosie Vernel and Timothy Clark return in Chimp Cop Forever, a sketch comedy spectacle featuring buffoonish crime-fighter Chimp Cop in another tale of intrigue – this time, one that spans generations.
After rave reviews for their previous work, the sketch troupe Chimp Cop are back with another of their fantastic shows! A perfect blend of sketch and storytelling, this year's show is guaranteed to be a generation-spanning tour de force, filled with the stand-out gags this on-the-rise group is known for.

A Mel Brooks-esque police parody with an L.A. Confidential-calibre plot, Chimp Cop Forever is going to be the most fun you'll have this year involving a man playing a chimpanzee who is a police officer.

Chimp Cop shows are about interesting stories driven by complicated characters, surrounded by a script as densely packed with jokes as it can be. We focus on the narrative elements as a point of difference from other sketch groups, trying to create something close to an action-comedy film performed live on stage. The scripts are densely packed with jokes, which Chortle put as "an invigorating blast of knockabout silliness that fires out joyous gags like a confetti cannon.". They're fast, fun, silly and engrossing.