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Published by: Valentina | 4-Apr-2016
Magic is a part of our life. We just need to stop and to look closer, to feel it around us.
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Charmslab invites you to the magical world of spirits, ghosts, witches, curses, potions, predictions, mystical creatures, enchantment and witchcraft.

This resource,, is oriented mainly at persons who want to know more about magical side of our world. Here everything is dedicated to charms and magic.

Magic - the term, that is used to describe a system of thinking, in which a person turns to the secret supernatural forces to influence on different events. It is interesting to scientists of different countries and the best minds are trying to understand unexplored brinks of magic.

In fact, magic is a part of our life. We just need to stop and to look closer, to feel it around us.

The main aim of Charmslab is to acquaint everyone with secret powers of our world and also to see the paranormal powers that are inherent in us. It is no secret that these powers can be studied and developed.

So let's immerse into the world of sorcery!

You can easily find the topic that you are interested for. There are nine interesting categories at your disposal:

- Attributes. Here we have collected articles about magical stuff, divinations, peculiar properties of magic, superstitions, different types of spells, potions, about origin of the different attributes, etc. In another words "“ all stuff that can be used by mages. Furthermore food has magical properties too. Even every plant endowed with magical power. So here you can find what to use and what to avoid, which stuff is useful and which one is harmful. Henceforth you will know how to make love potions, how to protect yourself from the evil eye, how to attract good luck. If you are on your way to become a magician, so this category is a real guidance how to recognize and to open your magical powers.

- Holidays. There are many holidays that have interesting traditions. Some of them are directly related to the magic world. For example, Halloween. This holiday is considered to be one the most mystical in the world. How many facts do you know about this holiday? Or, for example, St. Patrick's Day. So well-known holiday also has its features. Only this day one little plant can bring you a big luck! And have you ever heard about Christmas witchcraft? No? So, you definitely have to visit Charmslab!

- Fears. What do you know about fear? Do you know how to overcome it? In our articles you can find recommendations how to resist the spells and how to withstand your phobias.

- Signs. In this category you can find information about different predictions.

- Stories. Sensational facts, unbelievable stories about magical places of our Earth, horrible witnesses' stories and everything that official science can't explain are waiting for you in this section.

- Mysteries. This category is about unsolved phenomenon and anomalies of our planet. We have identified the most important and the most interesting questions whose complexity leads to confusion the greatest minds of our time.

- Ghosts. Everyone has heard about ghosts and poltergeists. These entities are our main non-physical companions in material world. We can communicate with them and they can help us or to make harm. They are our main connection with another world. In this category you will find information about different types of spirits, their habitats, spiritualist séances and how to live in harmony with these entities.

- Snacks. No one holiday is complete without traditional food. Here we consider cuisine features and traditions of different holidays.

- Interesting. There are many unexplained things in our world. In this section you will meet with the greatest illusionists of the world and expose the most famous focuses. You will visit a fairyland of dreams and will learn how to rule your mind in your dream.

Different creatures inhabit our world. For example, hobgoblins. In this category you will find answers how to communicate with them and to ask to protect your house. There are also interesting facts about simple well-known things, different facts from history and articles with lists of the best movies about magic, magicians and mystery!

All this you can find in Charmslab. This site is for real admirers of mystery!

Website is regularly updated with new articles and you can suggest your topic, article or video without problem. Feel free to contact us!

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