Charlotte Kerr: Duets With Myself

Published by: Charlotte Kerr | 2-Mar-2018
A surrealist cabaret show and a kind of cooked ode to self-love, featuring one woman and a piano.
Venue: The Butterfly Club
Address: 5 Carson Place / Melbourne
Date: 27 March - 1 April
Time: 5:30pm
Ticket: $25-$32
Buy / Ticket:
Hey Charlotte, do you want to play a duet?
Love to.
Yeah cool. There's just one thing though. I'm you.

Charlotte Kerr will sing with herself, say weird things to herself, seduce herself, date herself, argue with herself, and probably tell some stories along the way.

Includes original songs, original self-care tips, re-imagined pop songs, references to Kafka and Round The Twist, tape-recorded messages, awkward half-costumes, and more.

"Her voice is beautiful - unwaveringly polished without sounding artificial and plays between a wistful gentleness and affecting power." - Theatrepeople

"Hysterical" - Stage Noise

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