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Chambres à part 10 - Laurence Dreyfus - FIAC 2015 - Two places for an anniversary

BY L'ART EN PLUS | 02-Sep-2015
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chambres à part, art advisor and curator Laurence Dreyfus hosts two remarkable exhibitions within the framework of FIAC’s VIP program of 2015. Emblematic works and discoveries: David Altmejd, Ryan Foerster, Zhang Huan, Tomas Saraceno, Ai Weiwei... Daily reading performances. This unique event is to be discovered by appointment only on: hambresapart@laurencedreyfus.com
Address: La Réserve, 10 place du Trocadéro, Paris 75016 // La Réserve, 42 avenue Gabriel, Paris 17008
Date: October, 18th 2015
Time: Access to the exhibition by appointment only
Ticket: Free by appointment
Buy / Ticket: chambresapart@laurencedreyfus.com
Web: www.laurencedreyfus.com
: https://www.facebook.com/LaurenceDreyfusChambresAPart?fref=ts
EMail: chambresapart@laurencedreyfus.com
Robin Rhode, CMYK, 2015
© Robin Rhode
Courtesy Lehmann Maupin Gallery
Laurence Dreyfus settles in her favourite place La Réserve Place du Trocadéro showcasing a mirror exhibition featuring iconic works from previous editions of Chambres à part loaned by collectors, enriched with new discoveries from her numerous wanderings throughout the year in search of treasures of contemporary art.

For the first time, Laurence Dreyfus proposes an unique selection of artworks presented at the prestigious address of 42 Avenue Gabriel with four sculptures installed in the patio and the works of contemporary artists in the hall and in the main room.


- La Réserve Place du Trocadéro: Exhibition of iconic works of the previous editions, lent by the faithful collectors of Chambres à part
- La Réserve Place du Trocadéro: Daily reading performances in dialogue with the exhibited artworks
- Two art exhibitions full of subtlety and against the logic of big-budget events
- The unique presentation of artists chosen by Laurence Dreyfus.


Alexandre da Cuhna, Brazil - Aleksandra Domanovic, Serbia - Olafur Eliasson, Denmark - Jeff Elrod, United States of America - Ryan Foerster, Canada Monique Frydman, France Ori Gerscht, Israël, Zhang Huan, China - Binelde Hyrcan, Angola - Oliver Laric, Austria - Michal Rovner, Israël - Tomas Saraceno, Argentina - Claire Tabouret, France - Tatiana Trouvé, France - Ai Weiwei, China - Charlotte Cornaton, France - Laurent Grasso, France - Roni Horn, United States of America - Shirazeh Houshiary, Iran - Patrick Neu, France - Lionel Sabatté, France...

This unique event is to be discovered by appointment only on: chambresapart@laurencedreyfus.com