Catherine McClintock is (not) minding her Ps and Qs this Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Published by: Sassy Red PR | 27-Jan-2020
Catherine McClintock has always done the right thing. She's even been called tragically responsible. In her swanky new stand-up show, Please and Thank Yous, she rejects those expectations and joyfully serves up some sh!t - metaphorically, not scatologically
Venue: Tasma Terrace
Address: 6 Parliament Place, Melbourne CBD
Date: 6 - 19 April, 2020
Time: Mon - Sun, 7pm
Ticket: $25 Full, $22 Concession, $20 Preview, Cheap Tues and Grps 4+
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 03 9245 3788
A two-time RAW Comedy state-finalist, Catherine McCintock has been a fixture of the Tasmanian comedy scene since her debut in 2017, regularly performing at Fresh Comedy, Jokers Comedy and many others, supporting acts such as Judith Lucy, Randy and Claire Hooper.

Now a Melbourne native, this year she brandishes her latest creation, 'Please and Thank Yous', at Australia's most iconic Comedy Festival.

An Emergency Nurse turned Comedian, Catherine McClintock is Canadian. She's also a Mum, a Body Positive Advocate, a List Lover and a Chronic Illness Warrior battling a rare autoimmune disease called Dermatomyositis that no one can pronounce. Go on, give it a go. She's always done the right thing - she was raised to be polite! But then she moved to Australia. With her debut solo stand-up show, 'Please and Thank Yous', Catherine skilfully identifies the weighty expectations we all live with and joyfully drop kicks them out the window.

I've just turned 40 and I don't want to waste my time anymore. I have a disease that makes me stare at my mortality every day. Literally. I have scars and lumps and bumps all over my body that cause people to stop me on the street and say, What's wrong with you? It makes me appreciate that we have one life and we need to do our best to be brave., explains McClintock.

I did all the things you're supposed to do in my life; I went to Uni, got married, got a mortgage, and had kids. The expectations from family and society informed the expectations I put on myself. I wasn't happy and I needed to learn to let go of those. When writing 'Please and Thank Yous' I looked at the material I had already accumulated and it definitely had a theme - let go of those expectations and you'll be better for it.

After a cracking start at the Melbourne Fringe Festival and Hobart's Fringe at the Edge of the World, Catherine McClintock proudly brings 'Please and Thank Yous' to the hallowed halls of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Running for two weeks only, Catherine is a unique voice on the comedy scene, delighting audiences with her insightful observations wrapped in silly, scrote-covered packaging. Yeah, expect a scrotum joke or three.

Written and performed by Catherine McClintock
Directed by Gillian English

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