Capturing the Light is what this Queensland female artist does best

Published by: Kathryn Coller | 5-Feb-2021
Some artists have what appears to be a magic touch in making a scene so realistic by their strong sense of light. Tricia Taylor, a Master Pastellist is consistently able to convey her thorough and comprehensive knowledge in the use of pastels in her work. The Pastel Society of Australia Inc [PSA Inc] has a high standard of expectations for every artist seeking admission. Sound drawing skills, appropriate use of colour, consistent technical skill level and the ability to demonstrate these qualities to the viewer are just some of the competencies required. Tricia brings abundant creative skills to her easel with every work in her upcoming exhibition at the Redcliffe Old Fire Station Gallery. She will be conducting several workshops and one free demonstration to the public during February and March this year.
Venue: Redcliffe Art Society Inc Old Fire Station Gallery
Date: From Wednesday 10 March to 11 April 2021
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00pm
Ticket: FREE
Call: 32840852
This new exhibition's goal is to unveil the essence of light in the landscape. Using a variety of medium including pastels, oils and watercolour, Tricia seeks to truly achieve this. Light has always fascinated her and she expands further that it has so many meanings and significance in life. It brings clarity, hope and unveils our path. The moment between night and day as light fills the sky with colour, this Kairos moment, brings Tricia deep joy. With art as the vehicle, she tells the story of light -whether it is the hope of a sunrise, the light falling on a child's face to reveal their innocence or the path of light as it falls on the velvet petal of a flower. Tricia states "I aim to share the Light of God that lives in me and is revealed in creation into the lives of others to bring just a little more joy into their hearts.

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