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Published by: Kathryn Coller | 12-Jul-2021
Margaret Pearson and Michelle Ledwith had planned their art show for 2020. However, a world pandemic changed all that, and their proposed installation was postponed until 2021. Throughout this time, they both painted and added these recent experiences to the exhibition. The time is coming soon for viewers to be moved and affected by the art they see at this Redcliffe Peninsula event. I would like to introduce you to their two worlds of artistic expression.
Venue: Redcliffe Art Society Inc Old Fire Station Gallery
Address: Redcliffe Art Society and Old Fire Station Gallery. 395 Oxley Avenue
Date: From Wednesday 4th August to Sunday 29 August
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00pm
Ticket: FREE
Call: 732840852
Witnessing humility in the written artist statement draws you closer to understanding the painter and their raison d'etre. Two female artists came together to prepare for an exhibition that would express a sense of being immersed in their environment and the emotion of what it meant to be there, at that time. Sense of Space speaks of their experiences in places they have called home, whether in Australia or living abroad.

Margaret values the special Irish spiritual idea of a "thin place". It is, at the core, that which resonates with her - love of home. love of the bush and love of this country as well as experiences which impacted her overseas. Michelle supports the notion of home and the local area which forms part of her sense of belonging. Travels in other parts of Australia have also given her material for expressing what she feels is a sense of those places.

With no formal art training, even at school, Michelle feels she is on a learning curve regarding use of materials and techniques, and in some ways feels free in her innocence to experiment in all sorts of ways. Her inspiration is mostly drawn from nature and her own observations. She loves to observe the colours, light and shadow, patterns and moods of nature and to paint en plein air. For Michelle, trees are a favourite subject being a major representation of place.

Like Michelle, Margaret's art is first of all play. Rarely beginning knowing exactly where she will end, she loves to explore different media. In mixing media, she enjoys the spontaneous process of making meaning. Many of the pieces she has included in this collection, honour landscape and seek to share a real love of the land. A couple are pastel drawings on maps, while "Great Land of the Rainbow Serpent" uses map within the collage. Other paintings like "Uluru" and "Lake Eyre" use a variety of media to display geographical features. "Morocco" tells of the personal impact of that place and "Mali Mother" represents all mothers and is therefore part of "Home".

Michelle is attracted to all-natural elements from the micro in the fungi world to open skies with huge, towering cloud formations. In conjunction with this she expresses messages about the damage being done to the natural world but focuses on the positive aspects of what makes a sense of place for this Exhibition.

Margaret and Michelle collaborated to draw on some similar themes. The artists hope that each member of the audience will find resonation of their own Sense of Place through this exhibition.

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