CAPS Kurrawang students turn old into new

Published by: AWESOME Arts | 25-Oct-2021
AWESOME Artists invite students at CAPS Kurrawang to use recycled materials to create sustainable art.
CAPS Kurrawang Primary School hosted this year’s first Creative Challenge residency, proudly supported by Healthway and the Go For 2 & 5 message, from the 22nd of March to the 2nd of April. Artists-in-residence Charlotte and Kero O’Shea travelled out to the Kurrawang community on the traditional lands of the Wongutha people to share their visual and media arts practices with the students in exploration of this year’s theme, Gathering.

This residency explored creative reuse and recycling, finding innovative ways to turn waste into lasting works of art. The students transformed yogurt cartons and polystyrene packaging into their very own puppet characters. And they even recycled old election banners into a stunning mural. The students were guided by Charlotte’s visual arts creativity, allowing her to share her creative processes with the class. Students also had the opportunity to learn film making techniques with Kero such as camera, set and interview techniques. Kero and Charlotte lead conversations in class that helped the students explore the theme of Gathering and how they have themselves gathered as well as a discussion on what it means to be inclusive.

The power of positive encouragement, creative freedom and arts engagement shone through and brought extraordinary interviewing and filming skills out of the children!

It was exciting to watch young West Australians be challenged by arts workshops and develop their confidence, creativity and self-expression. Truly a wonderful residency!

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