cantoSonor performing at the Festival Burg Golling in Salzburg

Published by: cantoSonor | 19-Sep-2016
cantoSonor performing at the Festival Burg Golling in Salzburg. The video is provided with the kind permission of RTV Salzburg. #cantoSonor

About cantoSonor?

CantoSonor consists of these four professional opera singers: Markus Herzog (Tenor), Ulfried Haselsteiner (Tenor), Ludovik Kendi (Barriton) and Michael Doumas (Bass) who met for the first time during a production of Richard Wagners opera "Die Meisterisnger von Nürnberg".

Since the four got along well, they decided to form a male vocal quartett, which should be far away from the old fashioned stereotypes of the genre.

The four are accompanied by the classically trained concert pianist Florian Podgoreanu.

CantoSonor is offering a diversity of musical programs, presenting them with a bunch of humor and the charm of the golden ages of singing - and all of this on the highest musical level.

As the name "canto - singing" and "sonor - sonorous" surmises, listening to them is a special experience - both musically and soundwise.

Their repertoire spans from traditional folk songs and pieces of the renaissance and romantic aera to evergreens, barbershop and jazzstandards.

As a special feature of their performance cantoSonor also offers pieces from the opulent world of opera.

All of which results in a vocal ensemble, whose voices are not only perfectly blending into one another, but also sound vibrant enough, not to need microphones supporting them during their performances, enabling the audience to experience the pure sound of cantoSonor.

"Let us entertain you!"

On either small or big stages (as for example the performance in 2014 at the famous Tyrolean Festival Erl) you can hear and feel that they have immense fun with what they are doing.

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