ButohOUT! 2021 invites you to embrace the New (Ab)normal through immersive dance workshops, performances

Published by: Diana Wolfe | 21-Mar-2021
Australia's first and only festival dedicated to the Japanese performance art form, Butoh, is back, offering three action-packed months of workshops for all ages and stages, as well as two performance seasons, one each at Dancehouse and the Abbotsford Convent.
Venue: Dancehouse and Abbotsford Convent
Address: Dancehouse: 150 Princes Street North Carlton VIC 3054; Abbotsford Convent: 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Date: On now until May 23, 2021
Time: various (see website)
Ticket: various (see website)
Buy / Ticket: various (see website)
Web: https://www.butohout.com/
: https://www.facebook.com/ButohOUT
EMail: hello@impermanenceproductions.com
Call: 0478 634 052
ButohOUT! 2021 New Ab/Normal invites audiences to celebrate the surreal, the absurd and the diverse in a contemporary Australian, post-pandemic time.

Through the anarchic form of Butoh, the workshops and performances question what is normal and explore the paradoxical nuance that an abnormality can become normal'.

Led by the Australian-Japanese high priestess' of Butoh, Yumi Umiumare, ButohOUT! encompasses dance/physical, theatre, vocal, visual, and aural arts. Yumi is joined by Creative Producer Takashi Takiguchi; Sound Designers Ai Yamamoto and Dan West; Vocal Creator Emma Bathgate; Visual Arts/Set Designer Jacqui Stockdale; and Forum/Writing leader Helen Smith.

Embracing Butoh's inclusive ethos, New Ab/Normal amplifies diverse voices in contemporary dance/theatre with the experienced creative team leading performers of all levels and abilities. The festival involves a series of workshops exploring what makes you move' physically, mentally and spiritually. Participants from these workshops will take part in the final performance of the festival, Odd Hours, at Abbotsford Convent from May 20-23.

ButohOUT! 2021 also includes Colour-Fool, an experimental performance created by a heterogeneous bunch of established and emerging artists from diverse cultural backgrounds embracing colourful acts of foolishness' to provoke and challenge our perception of what is normal?'

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