Burst of Creativity at Wyndham District High School

Published by: Nadia Bischof | 23-Feb-2022
Wyndham District High School Creative Challenge 2021 November 15 – November 26 2021
In November of 2021 AWESOME Artists, Nick Zafir and Sete Tele embarked on a journey to Wyndham for a two-week Creative Challenge with the students at Wyndham District High School. This Creative Challenge took place on Arrawete lands. Students led projects with the artists to the theme of “Gathering” exploring a range of arts practises from visual arts to music! This residency was proudly sponsored by Healthway and the Go For 2 & 5 message.

Throughout this residency, students were encouraged to explore self-expression and positive affirmation using a range of exercises. One exercise involved asking the children to use movement to show their peers their favourite thing. This exploration of movement led to a pattern-making workshop where groups of two were tasked with creating a secret handshake. The students showed a keen interest in music as they engaged with music-based workshops learning the drums, guitar and practising beats with hallow pipes and bongos.

Wyndham’s young artists enjoyed a range of visual arts activities such as weaving, mask making, drawing, chalk tracing and painting. This resulted in a classroom covered in beautiful artworks fit with several large-scale collaborative art projects that served as decoration and some pretty cool photo backdrops!

With the classroom decorated head-to-toe in art, it was time for the celebration! Community members, teachers and parents attended the celebration to see the children’s hard work. An array of healthy fruits and vegetables were available for guests and students to snack on as they discussed the residencies successes.

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