Bronze Casting Course April

Published by: Space Tank Studio | 28-Feb-2017
Learning Bronze Casting is incredibly satisfying!
Venue: Space Tank Studio
Address: 9 Warner Street Coburg North
Date: Apr - 20th & 27th
Time: 6pm to 9pm
Ticket: $275
Buy / Ticket:
: www.facebook/spacetankstudio
Call: 409066506
This two evening course will introduce you to bronze casting using evaporative pattern casting techniques.

In this course, we will be using water based sand, a 1300° laboratory furnace and fine grade polystyrene for modelling. You will explore different ways to make sculptures and parts out of polystyrene and how to construct flow paths to allow the molten bronze to completely fill all areas of your piece.

The course culminates with the bronze pour and unveiling of your work. After cutting the gates off and polishing your piece, you will have your own finished bronze sculpture to take home with you.

The beauty of learning evaporative bronze casting is that it is cheap, quick and the learning ramp is easy. With some further learning you can advance from this to lost wax casting.

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