Brightworks creates film to support quality education for kids in developing economies

Published by: Brightworks | 6-May-2019
Sydney-based production company Brightworks has created a captivating film highlighting the work of the not-for-profit School for Life Foundation, which is devoted to providing communities in developing economies with quality primary and secondary education.
The film captures the struggles of life in rural Uganda and reveals the amazing impact the School for Life Foundation has had on the community by providing education, valuable resources and jobs.

The partnership between Brightworks and School for Life was formed after Brightworks co-founder Cameron D'Arcy donated a two-night stay at his luxury glamping accommodation in Mudgee, Sierra Escape, as a prize for the charity's fundraising ball.

After learning more about the work School for Life was doing in Uganda, Cameron decided to travel to the developing country to see the School for Life program in action. A Brightworks crew of two accompanied Cameron, capturing footage of the School for Life campuses and the communities they support.

"Being able to travel to Uganda to see first-hand the incredible impact School for Life has on these children's lives was amazing. Brightworks is privileged to be part of such an amazing cause," said Mr D'Arcy.

"We wanted to showcase the great work of School for Life to the rest of world, so we collaborated with the Foundation to produce video content for their anniversary dinner."

The result is a captivating film that reveals the harsh reality of life in rural Uganda and the direct positive impact that education can have within developing communities.

As well as education, the schools also provide the students three meals a day, while on-site bores provide clean drinking water for the community. The classrooms are solar-powered and offer a range of resources for the students.

The modern campuses encompass science and computer laboratories, assembly halls, classrooms, landscaped play areas and cooking facilities.

"I wanted the film to illustrate what life is like for people every day, what their struggles are, and the effect this has on the community. The film shows the positive work of the Foundation and how it improves people's lives," explains Mr D'Arcy.

"For me, seeing how loving the teachers are, and how they inspire the children was the most incredible aspect," he adds.

Annabelle Chauncy, Founding Director and CEO of School for Life, says the Brightworks film will help people understand the importance of education in developing nations.

"These schools not only provide valuable education for students but also empower the local community with jobs and access to vital resources we so often take for granted," she says.

"We're thrilled to have Brightworks support School for Life to help reach our goal of educating poverty out of existence, because at the end of the day, education gives freedom to children to create their own great opportunities," adds Ms Chauncy.

The content premiered on May 4 at the School for Life Charity ball and has been launched online for use across the School for Life website and social media channels.

"¢ Director/Producer: Cameron D'Arcy
"¢ DOP: Michael Hegarty
"¢ Editor: Tommy Morgan
"¢ Production Company: Brightworks

Thanks to: VA Hire

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