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Bourne - Do you remember love

BY Bourne | 08-Jun-2012
Bourne is Australian Songstress Alex Bourne and Composer / Producer Niko Stoessl. Distinguished and elegant, yet dark and earthy. Watch the video clip here.

Bourne is Australian Songstress Alex Bourne and Composer/ Producer Niko Stoessl.

What they do is beautiful trash.

Distinguished and elegant, yet dark and earthy.

Produced by Niko Stoessl, in his own Birthmark Studio, and released on independant label, Birthmark Recordings in 2008, Bourne present their first collection of ten songs, Alex rather refers to as „story excerpts“, on a full length album titled "So Damn Easy."

So Damn Easy´s tracks three to seven are bound by interlude, lending the album a Soundtrack quality. where Alex’s incarnation of angelic Tori-esque melody and harmony, combined with her Rootsy Melbourne singer/songwriter approach on acoustic guitar, intertwine with Niko’s signature programming and backing vocals of the dark and moody kind.

Here, where tales of the gritty and romantic unfold, from one road trip blood bath to a secret tryst between lovers, revelations of yearning and of the pitiful plight of humanity are laid bare as Bourne define their own unique standing as artists among their admired PJ Harvey, Goldfrapp, NIN and Peter Gabriel, on this strong debut album.

Delicate and Rebellious - Fragile yet Destructive.

Well known in the Vienna indi pub circuit, Alex has played over 1,300 gigs over the last 8 years, some with her band, yet mostly solo on acoustic guitar. After many cover bands, duos and solo gigs in and around Melbourne, Alex traveled from her hometown of Melbourne to London 10 years ago to travel and find the right Producer to record her. Upon her travels throughout Europe, she met Producer Niko Stoessl in Vienna and began recording. Four years later, amid writing for other pop/rock acts such as Opien and Tyler, and gigging extensively herself, "So Damn Easy" was completed.

Track three, "Every Night" is currently played on Austria´s Hit Radio Ö3, and Bourne´s music video The Painting on GoTV.