Boondock Alley, a doctor's surgery for the Undead

Published by: Anita Barnes | 31-Jan-2016
Imagine a world where the myths were all true "“ the fairy tales, the legends, the whispered tales handed down from generation to generation, all of it. That creatures of the night, both foul and misunderstood, have always walked, crawled, flown, and stalked amongst us, and always will. Then imagine that these creatures were, over time, integrated into society, and begrudgingly accepted if not embraced; that they had rights under the law. Outsiders to be sure; distinctive, vibrant, different"¦ and still dangerous. Boondock Alley: A doctor's surgery for the Undead.
After years spent on scripts Boondock Alley has finally come to life!! An Australian production, the story revolves around the lives of the staff at Boondock Alley, a doctor's surgery for the Undead. Starring, Catriona Coe, Anita Barnes and Leon Grey and Directed by James Pentecost, this dark and mysterious story will captivate you without taking itself too seriously. The first two episodes have wrapped and are now into edit. Come on over to the Boondock Alley facebook page, check us out and like the page for updates and interviews with the cast and crew!!

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