Bold Thinking Series Ep 5 : Has Facebook killed the news?

Published by: ANP | 27-Sep-2016
Our world is as close as the phone screen that never leaves our side, but do the content algorithms and customised feeds that stop us drowning in a digital sea of information give us the variety we want or just make that world even smaller? @latrobe @JaneCaro
And with more and more people relying on social media for information and entertainment, are our social channels friend or foe when it comes to diversity of opinion, free speech and independent thinking in a modern Australian society.

Join an expert panel of journalist, advertiser and spin doctor as we unpack the blurry business of news, entertainment and clickbait journalism.

This is our fifth event in La Trobe's Bold Thinking Series where we match two of the University's leading researchers in Journalism and Communications, Hugh Martin and Mark Civitella, with opinion leader and commentator and copy writer Jane Caro, to consider the intersection of news, big business and social media.

What is the modern role of journalists, marketers and public relations in the Facebook era? Are news and political messages cutting through or simply preaching to the converted? Are we at risk of dumbing down the media, and ourselves, in a self-fulfilling click bait prophecy?

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