Blender Studios Official Opening Party

Published by: Judy Griffiths | 13-Jul-2017
It is our pleasure to invite you to the official opening of the new Blender Studios and Dark Horse Experiment gallery in Docklands. @blenderstudios
On Saturday the 5th August, the brand new Blender Studios will launch to the public. With the reopening of the Dark Horse Experiment gallery, full open studios and the launch of the new Blender Pop Up Space the night promises to be an exciting showcase for both the future of Docklands and the Blender Studios. All are welcome to attend this free event.

The Dark Horse Experiment gallery will be reopening on the night after a six-month hiatus. The gallery, which predominately focuses on research-based fine art, is an important platform for fine artists in Melbourne. To celebrate the return of Dark Horse Experiment, Adrian Doyle will be presenting a group show on the night with an all-star lineup of artists.

The studios will be fully open to guests to explore on the launch night; expect a labyrinth of studio spaces with work spanning countless mediums and genres from street art to fine art, sculpture to installation.

We are also excited to announce the launch of our newest venture, the Blender Pop Up Space. This space features a rotating collection of artworks, prints and merchandise from some of Melbourne"s most elite artists and street artists. A second group show will also be curated in this space on the night featuring work from some of Blender"s younger street artists and illustrators.

Dark Horse Experiment


Blender Pop Up Space



After being located on Franklin Street in the CBD for sixteen years, The Blender Studios relocated at the beginning of this year to Harbour Town Docklands. This is a major move for the Blender Studios who have been at the forefront of both the Melbourne fine art and street art scenes for close to two decades.
After opening its doors in 2001, The Blender Studios evolved to become one of the largest street art institutions in Australia. With an alumnus of internationally renowned artists, the studios continue to lead the way for Melbourne"s urban art scene. The Blender Studios have also always had a close relationship with Melbourne"s fine art scene; in fact it was the unusual blend of street artists and fine artists that gave the Blender its namesake. With a diverse range of artists and a punk, grass-roots approach to operations, the studios quickly made big waves in the city"s art scenes.
Now, in 2017, the Blender Studios have established themselves as one of the major landmarks in Melbourne"s art scene. The new studios, located in Harbour Town Docklands, is the first residency to be a part of the exciting new Docklands Arts Precinct. The new space is over 1000sqm and is home to over 25 artists across a wide variety of disciplines.

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