BLENDEDnudes exhibition

Published by: Edmond Thommen | 12-Nov-2018
Edmond Thommen has captured an amazing array of images over the years, images he uses to find new expressions of an old theme, the female body. He applies these images, sometimes to highlight, sometimes to protect her from view, depending on his mood when developing the artwork. The viewers' impression may also change, depending on their mood when examining the particular artwork.
His work is "layered" and is visually and intellectually demanding on the viewer to find the form. In doing so, viewers delve beyond the surface. Indeed, Edmond's photographic artworks encourage us to look; and, if we look properly, to see.'

Edmond Thommen describes himself first, and foremost, as a Photographic Artist. For him the magic starts with the camera and his photographs.

His artistic expression is a testament to years of careful observation in photography, composition, lighting and design. His skill-set allows him to work with light and shades, play with compositions and absorb these into his new creations.

The female figure forms the basis of his artworks. They may soften or highlight the body's outline by blending it into several layers of images he superimposes on the figure. Sometimes the figure seems to disappear behind a barrage of organic materials or man-made structures - until the viewer's eyes start to actively search for the lines that in his or her mind "must be there" behind the scene. (see google search: blended nudes).

As one newcomer to his work stated: "I don't usually pay that much attention to this kind of art but this makes me want to stop and look at it until I think I've seen every detail and every possible meaning".

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