Blackrock - EbbFlow Theatre Co. Present Enright's Aussie Classic

Published by: EbbFlow Theatre Co. | 15-Jun-2019
Blackrock: An Australian Classic for a 2019 Audience. In a time where it's become far too common to hear of another Woman Murdered in a public place and where Male fragility is so week a Gillette commercial about Toxic masculinity can grind some gears, Nick Enright's 1995 Blackrock is just as relevant as ever. Featuring a cast of Young Emerging Artists, including current Helpmann Nominee Luisa Scrofani.
Venue: St Martins Youth Arts Centre
Address: 28 St Martins Ln, South Yarra VIC 3141
Date: 25th July - 3rd August
Time: 7.30pm
Ticket: $27-$35
Buy / Ticket:
Blackrock is loosely based on the true murder of Leigh Leigh in 1989, an entire 30 years ago, where a 14 year old girl suffered a horrendous attack of sexual assault and was murdered by being bludgeoned with a rock. A horrifying image to ever hear of."¨Blackrock doesn't focus on this side of the horrendous act, however it looks to those in the town that allowed this to happen, and how they react after.

EbbFlow Theatre Co. decided to bring back this intricate look into a world of Victim blaming, Guilt and Mateship under the helm of Director Nicola Bowman.

'Blackrock is a story that contemporary Australia desperately needs to hear. It is as terrifyingly relevant now as it was when first performed in 1995. The expertly penned words of Nick Enright illuminate the destruction left in the wake of toxic masculinity. We want to bring female voices to the forefront and take charge of the narrative.' - Nicola Bowman."¨

The females in this story are screaming to be heard and for change, much like the youth of today have risen up against violence against women, Pay Gap, and even Climate Change."¨The women of Blackrock have strong wills and producer Dean Robinson cares a lot about telling their story.

Karl Richmond (Romeo and Juliet, Truly Madly Britney) stars as Jared Kirby, and as his scrappy cousin Cherie is Joanna Halliday (Romeo and Juliet, The Crucible). Luisa Scrofani (In The Heights (Sydney Opera House), Violet, Spring Awakening) is Rachel and as Ricko is Jayden Popik (Ghosted, Erasers).

Diane is played by Michelle Robertson (When The Light Leaves, Ajax) and Sophie Stewart (Roaring 1920's, In The Heights) is Tiffany.

Henry O'Brien (Love's Labour's Lost), Callum Mackay (Love's Labour's Lost, Richard III) and Alexander Lloyd (Love's Labour's Lost) are Scott, Davo and Toby respectably. And each playing multiple roles are Jessica Tanner (The Bar, Marie Antionette by David Adjmi) as Marian and Glenys, Monty Burgess (Knights of the Damned, Welcome to Curiosity) as Len, Stewart and Roy, and Kate Schmidli (Paris! A Rock Odyssey, The Beautiful Game) as Shana and Others."¨

Nicola Bowman leads the team in her Directorial Debut. John Reed will be on board as Fight Choreographer. Rounding out the rest of the team are Kyra von Stiegler as Stage Manager, Jac Antcliff Set and Costume Designing, Adelaide Harney as Lighting Designer and Rachel Lewindon doing Sound Design.

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