Published by: NOIR Darkroom | 28-Jun-2018
NOIR Darkroom proud to present PIC student exhibition 'Binary' - Opening night July 6th 6-9pm - Exhibition from July 4th - 15th
Venue: NOIR Darkroom
Address: 57 Moreland rd, Coburg, Melbourne VIC
Date: Opening night July 6th, Exhibition wed-sun 11am - 6pm July 4th - 15th
: instagram/noir_darkroom


Binary adjective: relating to, composed of, or involving two things.
Noun: the binary system of notation

For better of for worse, human society functions around the idea of fitting diversity into rigid, quantifiable segments. Binaries and the attitudes that they bring with them, permeate every part of the human experience. Binary' aims to deconstruct the real from the imagined and examine why they are felt to be so integral to our society.

Binary' explores this instinct and its place in the often contentious realms of gender, sexuality and body politics. It discusses the effects of binaries, both enforced and self-imposed, have on language, race and cultural identity. Exploring false dichotomies of the physical, this exhibition also explores tangible binaries that exist within photography, science, technology, mathematics.

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