BEYOND HOPE & FEAR - AN AUSTRALIAN ODYSSEY' An exhibition of Oil Paintings and works on Paper by Hani Isac May 15 “ June 6, 2021

Published by: Gallery Elysium | 19-May-2021
The transformative Power of Art in a time of crisis. #Art Gallery #Fine Art #Commercial Gallery #Contemporary Art #Abstract painting # Art #Interior decorating #Design
Venue: Gallery Elysium
Address: 440-444 Burwood Rd
Date: May15 - June 6, 2021
Time: Tuesday to Friday 11:00am -430pm Weekends 11:00am to 5:00pm
Ticket: Free
Call: 417052621
Throughout the recent Victorian lock-down, Melbourne painter Hani Isac was working feverishly. In the midst, of the fear which gripped society during the Covid crisis, Hani, like many artists found respite and a sense of control and hope by losing himself in his work. The result of this long period of enforced isolation and reflection was a stunning body of work comprising of large abstract paintings and works on paper currently featuring in his Solo Exhibition at Gallery Elysium in Hawthorn Victoria.

When asked how he was able to keep motivated during the lockdown Hani affirms that the lockdown helped him reflect on the beauty of the natural world and to reconnect with his main source of inspiration found in nature through his art. He found this personally transformative and, as such, a powerful representation of hope.

Hani Isac's abstracted landscape works focus on exploring notions of the irrational and the subconscious, as a means of breaking free from the rational order and evoking pure emotion and exploit the Dadaist/Surrealist practice of automatism to generate accidental imagery embedded in luscious painterly, textured surfaces. Hani seems to find a strange beauty in the physical act of creating large painterly gestures, and discovering hidden images or disregarded, or found objects within the painting surface.

He is an artist that is drawn and attracted to the uncanny and the unconventionalan artist naturally driven to express what he feels about his subject-matter, rather than what he thinks about his subject-matter.

Hani struggles with what he feels are the oppressive rules of modern society, which he believes are fueled by over rationalism'. To Hani, the source of artistic creativity comes the unconscious mind and pure emotions. He believes that all thoughts start with feelings, and feelings are evoked by color and composition. These are then translated to thought.

Hani's essentially Romantic attitude to the Landscape becomes immediately discernable when one looks through his works to unveil clues to his approach, motivations and attitudes to art making. His abstract paintings express a profoundly intuitive experience of the Australian landscape and express a strong, natural sense of color.

His latest paintings exhibited at Gallery Elysium in Hawthorn, are spontaneous and fresh in their palette. They are beautifully structured and abstracted panoramas displaying a sure hand and a direct and uncommon confidence in the manipulation of thick swaths of Oil Paint over large surfaces. The results of Hani's very original approach are wonderfully textured and variegated works that keep the eye, mind and heart engaged for prolonged periods as the beauty of his subject-matter reveals itself to the viewer. An exhibition not to be missed.

Images of the artworks on display can be accessed through the Gallery Elysium website at

Beyond Hope & Fear- an Australian Odyssey' is showing at Gallery Elysium at 440-444 Burwood Rd in Hawthorn until May 6

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