Between The Sheets - Artists Books

Predrag Delibasich | 19-Apr-2021
Challenging notions of the book with both traditional and contemporary approaches. Presented by Gallery East.
Venue: Gallery Central
Address: 12 Aberdeen St, Perth, WA, Australia
Date: 30 April - 22 May
Time: Mon - Fri 11am - 4.30pm; Sat 12 - 3pm
Ticket: free
Between The Sheets - Artists Books
Martin Dickie - Non Semper
Artists' books have a universal appeal: an engagement with everyone who has held a book in his or her hand. Books as art objects become more than containers of information, but works of art in themselves.

Now seen as a distinct art form, artists' books have a growing appeal to artists, collectors, curators and the viewing public.

To make a book takes many dedicated hours, a high level of craftsmanship, a love of materials and a vivid imagination. The materials range from plastic to letterpress and tend to employ printmaking techniques. Makers include printmakers, photographers, architects, wordsmiths, textile artists, painters, sculptors, digital artists, with both traditional and contemporary approaches to creating books of art and art of books to inspire and captivate the viewer.

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