Between land and Sea // IRISH FILM FESTIVAL SYDNEY

Published by: Aidan McLaughlin | 26-Apr-2019
Lahinch is the unlikely home to five surf schools and one of the world's most dramatic big-wave breaks beneath the majestic Cliffs of Moher. This enthralling doco presents some incredible surf photography and an engaging portrait of new lifestyles for young people on the West coast of Ireland. The West's awake!
Between Land and Sea is a documentary set on the Atlantic. Shot in Lahinch, a surfer's paradise set in the Wild West coast of Ireland, the feature follows adrenaline junkies tackling some of the most ferocious waves in the world and investigates what drives them to do so.

This is a documentary by Ross Whitaker (Saviours, Unbreakable) who spends a year in Lahinch, a small town on Ireland's west coast, and the unlikely home of one of Europe's best big-wave breaks.

This epic and intimate observational feature embeds itself within Lahinch's surfing community to present a thoroughly engaging and visually stunning portrait of the ever-changing life at land's end.

Against the backdrop of Ireland's stunning west coast, this film profoundly portrays the day-to-day lives of the people who live and surf there, taking the audience beyond the bluster of the typical adrenaline-fueled surf film to create an intimate portrait of the diehard group of surfers who want their local wave to be known around the world.

Featuring Ollie O'Flaherty, the current poster-boy of Irish surfing, former pro Fergal Smith, Aussie surf journalist Ben Mondy and Hawaiian legend Shane Dorian, Between Land and Sea provides the most exhilarating of big-wave surf footage while also giving a moving, humorous and thought-provoking account of the ocean-going natives of County Clare.

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