Benny Milligram: A Selection of Silly Songs

Published by: Benny Milligram | 20-Oct-2018
A light-hearted musical journey in song, through thought-provoking topics such as ethics, love, religion and bum scratching.
Benny Milligram's new show is a 1 hour special of musical comedy. It opens at The Butterfly Club on the 14th of November at 8:30pm.

About Benny Milligram

Benny Milligram (born Bennicran Halumptus Uxylphybatophomine Salungritus Arthur Milligram) hatched from an egg in Central Prague in 1957. At the age of 7 months he found a job in the local circus as an elephant polisher, where he was soon able to earn enough money to buy the national underpants factory building and convert it into a church dedicated to the worship of toenails. Due to widespread corruption in the church, Benny (the sole member) was publicly disgraced and ended up on the streets, drinking methylated spirits mixed with earwax and urinating on police officers. While in prison, he met notorious serial killer Christopher Robin, who encouraged him to take up the theremin and soprano trombone. After his release in 1993, he moved to Tasmania, where he posed as a baby and was adopted by an unsuspecting family from Southern New South Wales.

He began writing songs from an early age and taught himself to play electronic melodica at age 12. He soon progressed to larger keyboards, and at 17 began to study classical piano at the University of Tasmania Conservatorium of Music with Shan Deng and Michael Kieran Harvey, and later, classical voice with Michael Lampard and Jane Edwards. While at the conservatorium, he abandoned serious music in pursuit of silliness, and began performing comedy songs in local Hobart bars. After graduating, he moved to Melbourne to pursue a career in teaching English as a second language, where he was able to make a living as an accordion player while studying. As an English teacher, Benny travelled across the world to interesting locations, often incorporating music into his teaching, and continuing to write and perform silly songs for the amusement of his colleagues and small bar audiences. A Selection of Silly Songs is Benny's first full-length solo show.

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