Benjamin Loyauté - Experiencing the ordinary

Published by: Rubis Mécénat | 26-Jul-2018
For its first-ever inclusion in the official Nuit Blanche 2018 programme, the Palais de la Porte Dorée is presenting an installation never before seen in France, Experiencing the ordinary, commissioned by Rubis Mécénat cultural fund. This new chapter in Benjamin Loyauté's work in progress, intertwines film, installation, sculpture and performance and addresses the importance of the intangible heritage in our societies.
Venue: Palais de la Porte Dorée
Address: 293 avenue Daumesnil 75012, Paris, France
Date: 6 - 8 october 2018
For Benjamin Loyauté's first solo exhibition in France, the National Museum of the History of Immigration, in collaboration with Rubis Mécénat cultural fund, has invited him to present the latest chapter of his work-in-progress as part of the Nuit Blanche 2018 festival.

Here the project, which began four years ago, addresses the importance of the intangible heritage in our societies. Entitled Experiencing the ordinary, the exhibition encourages visitors to think about the paradox and the radicality revealed by our relationship to the simple things that surround us yet escape our notice. Here, Benjamin Loyauté plumbs the actions and the narrations they bring to our existence and which can have incalculable worth. The ordinary is the tangible form of an invisible that is more collective than it seems. The artist challenges our perception of this ordinary in an alchemy of the real and action, of the secular and the sacred, of the useful and the futile to reach not only our individualities but also the collective, which it touches and draws together.

«Faced with the upheavals of our current history, dominated by powerlessness and immobilism, Benjamin Loyauté has chosen to work with what may be the smallest common denominator of our civilisations: a simple rose-flavoured sweet, a symbol of memories, sharing, dialogue and humanity. Thanks to this " Louloupti" sweet and the various projects it has spawned, the artist draws us into a sprawling adventure that rises above any administrative or aesthetic borders, where sensitivity and attentiveness to other people once again become the centre of our existences.»

Gaël Charbau, Nuit Blanche 2018 artistic director and exhibition curator


Rubis Mécénat is the Rubis Group endowment fund set up to promote artistic creation. It supports artists both in France and abroad by commissioning works for specific venues and for the Group's industrial sites.

By joining forces with such artists as Stéphane Thidet (Collège des Bernardins, Paris), Leonora Hamill (Église Saint Eustache, Paris) and Geert Goiris (Frac Normandie Rouen), the fund supports contemporary creation by making it possible for distinctive projects to come to fruition. For each commission, Rubis Mécénat assists with the production of the works and supports the artist throughout the creative process. The fund's backing also includes longer-term support in the form of purchases of the works, publications and the filming of a video portrait for the ART(ist) series produced by Alexander Murphy.

In a parallel initiative, Rubis Mécénat develops long-term socio-cultural projects in countries in which the Group operates (South Africa, Jamaica and Madagascar), to bring young adults in the local communities a programme of artistic education and life-skills development through involvement in the visual arts. These artistic initiatives are effective cultural platforms, designed to reveal individual vocations, career prospects and new talents.

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