AWESOME Arts Creativity Sparks Self-Expression at Parnngurr Community School

AWESOME Arts | 15-Apr-2021
In November last year, artists Jodie Davidson and Addam travelled up to the remote community of Parnngurr with suitcases packed with paints, fabrics and clay, to explore AWESOME Art's 2020 Creative Challenge residency theme of Tell Me More. This one-week residency was proudly presented by Healthway and the Go for 2&5 message.
AWESOME Arts Creativity Sparks Self-Expression
Photo of Artist Addam works with Ronnie and Sheldon in moulding creative hand sculptures that are soon to be dried and painted for the exhibition. Photo taken by Jodie Davidson.
Visual, tactile and sculptural art forms were the mediums of creative expression on residency with the students of Parrngurr Community School.

Residency activities worked on developing the fine motor skills of participants with children moulding their hands and painting them in a variety of vibrant colours to create a joyful sculpture in response to the school logo. Students also explored wire wrapping sculptures of dragonflies, and sourced materials from the community to create a series of woven artworks. Parents, teacher and elders from the community were invited to celebrate the student's creations in a special community BBQ with plenty of fruit and vegetable platters to share.

The Creative Challenge program aims to engage schools in developing a meaningful art practice as a way to connect to community, foster pride and to breakdown social barriers.

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