Award-winning 'Photograph 51' to open at Ensemble Theatre

Published by: Ensemble Theatre | 22-Aug-2022
It's 1951, the race is on to unlock the secret to life.
Venue: Ensemble Theatre
Date: 2 September - 8 October 2022
Ticket: $38-$80
Call: (02) 8918 3400
Ensemble Theatre is thrilled to present Anna Ziegler’s (Actually, The Wanderers) play PHOTOGRAPH 51, inspired by the true story of scientist Rosalind Franklin’s discovery of the structure of DNA. Awarded Best New Play and Play of the Year following its West End debut, this brand-new production of PHOTOGRAPH 51 will be directed by internationally esteemed director Anna Ledwich (Olivier award nominated Four Minutes Twelve Seconds and Dry Powder) at Ensemble Theatre from 2nd September until 8th October.

It’s 1951 and the race is on to unlock the secret to life. A minority in her field, young and ambitious British Jewish scientist Dr. Rosalind Franklin holds the key to decoding DNA. Franklin’s strong-willed focus and pioneering work using x-ray diffraction photography could lead to the biggest breakthrough in biological history. Hindered by her own perfectionism and rival male scientists hot on her heels, Franklin comes up against unjust consequences.

Amber McMahon (STC’s Top Coat, The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race) plays lead Dr. Rosalind Franklin, with her research partners played by Garth Holcombe (The Woman in Black, STC’s Orlando) as Dr. Maurice Wilkins, and Gareth Yuen (TV’s Hungry Ghosts, Power Rangers) as Ray Gosling. They are joined by Jake Speer (TV’s Home and Away, Netflix’s Clickbait) as Dr. Don Caspar, Toby Blome (TV’s The Twelve) who plays Dr. James Watson and Rob Jago (The Odd Couple, TV’s Home and Away) playing Dr. Francis Crick.

“It feels really important to provide an opportunity for this story, and for this woman to have her moment in the spotlight,” said Anna Ledwich, Director.

“I am thrilled to have Anna Ziegler’s wonderful play in our season directed by the amazingly talented Anna Ledwich, who has gathered this stunning cast. This is such an inspiring story about a hugely inspiring woman, Rosalind Franklin, a genius in her chosen field. We are very excited about Photograph 51’s debut on the Ensemble stage,” said Mark Kilmurry, Artistic Director, Ensemble Theatre.

In this powerful and inspirational story, Anna Ziegler honours Rosalind’s legacy where in a world dominated by men, she sacrificed her life in a relentless pursuit of science and the key to life.


Dates: 2nd September to 8th October 2022
Location: Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall Street, Kirribilli
Tickets: $40-80


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