Award-winning Australian comedy web-series The Justice Lease returns for second season.

Published by: Andrew Steel | 15-Mar-2016
In 2013, Severe Comedy self funded series one of The Justice Lease, a 6-part web series, which focused on the daily domestic lives of Superman, Batman, The Hulk and Aquaman, set in the share-house they inhabit in suburban Australia.
Venue: The Standard Bowl
Address: Level 3, 383 Bourke St Surry Hills, Sydney
Date: Tuesday March 22nd
Time: 6:30pm
Series one of The Justice Lease screened at Melbourne WebFest, LA WebFest (winning 8 awards), was awarded a $70,000 cash prize in the inaugural Viewster Online Film Festival "“ the biggest webseries prize to date.

Since then, the creators have used that budget to create a 5 part series, which will be launched on March 22nd via YouTube. The series joins a growing list of creators who are choosing to distribute their work online.

Producer Erasmo Raimundo said "This funding has allowed us to create the kind of series we envisioned when we started this project, an entirely over-dramatic comedy that both pokes fun at, and reveres, the super hero genre." Director Jeremy Brull said "I like to think of it as a cross between "What We Do In The Shadows" and "The Bold and the Beautiful"".

While the first season focused on the characters frustration with domestic duties and the impact that the recent film adaptations of their lives had, season two delves deeper into these themes, a highlight being Superman's reaction to the fact that his own sequel is being turned into a Batman movie.

Several Sydney rising stars make up the cast, including original cast members reprising their roles: producer Paul Michael Ayre (Legally Brown, Soul Mates) as passive-aggressive Superman; Andrew Steel (Wonderland, Tipping Point) returns as alpha-superhero Batman, David Eastgate (A Moody Christmas, Open Slather) returning as fish-out-of-water Aquaman, James Shepherd returning as pent up genius Bruce Banner and Tom Green as frustrated side-kick Robin.

New characters and cast include Ainslie Clouston as Lois Lane (Winter, BedHead), Sarah Bishop as Poison Ivy (Skitbox, Wham Bam Thankyou Ma'am), Scott Lee as Green Lantern (Home & Away) Shingo Usami as Ra's Al Ghul (Paper Planes, Red Dog) and 3-time Laurence Olivier Award winner Philip Quast as Constable Gordon.

The Justice Lease 2: Dorm of Justice will be launched at an event in Sydney and available on YouTube from March 22nd.

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