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Avant Card - A progressive dynamic advertising medium

BY avantcard.com.au | 12-Apr-2012
A progressive, dynamic advertising medium that has connected brands with people since 1992. Over the past 19 years Avant Card has grown to be the only free postcard advertising company in Australia with more than 1,670 quality distribution points.
Avant Card

In 2010 Avant Card produced over 19 million postcards nationally. Postcards were created in the 19th Century as a source of communication and since the beginning they have been used as a form of advertising. Once considered an alternative medium, Avant Card is now recognised as an essential part of the media process for promoting an extensive range of products and services.

We pride ourselves on working with clients that share our values for a fairer, greener and more peaceful world. Our reputation as a responsible advertising company is well known and respected. Our aim at Avant Card is to ensure that free postcards continue to be valuable, innovative, sought after - and remain an ever evolving genre.

What is an Avant Card?

Avant Cards are free postcards displayed in a variety of interesting and diverse venues that can be accessed by more than 7 million viewers each week. Avant Card has established a comprehensive reach into the urban consumer market. Our postcards provide a creative and visually stunning cutting edge media format for advertisers. This website outlines in simple terms how you can make Avant Card work for your brand, product, or service. It covers all aspects of our business and explains how you can build a unique dialogue with your target market.

Avant Cards succeed because they:

  • can be seen by 7 million people each week in a range of fantastic venues
  • are chosen by people who are interested in what is on offer
  • reach a target audience that are out and about, spending money
  • can specifically target a key audience OR penetrate mass markets using widespread saturation - including regional representation
  • are actively sought out, collected, shared and sent on to other people
  • provide the original ‘viral’ message
  • are a creative way to get people interacting and chatting about your product or service
  • assure ‘exclusivity of brands’ and are not lost in a glut amongst other competitors
  • are seen in high traffic areas
  • capture an attentive audience who browse the display, self select cards that appeal to them, & are absorbed in a relaxed & leisurely manner
  • are small and compact but big on impact
  • are trusted by consumers
  • offer great entertainment value
  • are cost effective
  • have a long life span: guaranteed 2 weeks on display plus longer exposure when taken home, pinned up at work, or passed on to friends
  • are collected by a loyal bunch of consumers
  • have a high reach into the youth market
  • market research proves age 22 to 39 year olds are the largest group who "pick up"
  • are environmentally friendly & ethically sound