Autumn at AC: New exhibitions by Rob Bartolo, Mary Gray and Kate Walsh, Senye Shen, Zeljko Radic and Kosar Majani

Published by: Kate Wallace | 24-May-2017
As preparations for the cooler months begin, the end of May sees the opening of five new exhibitions at AC. Via a range of artistic disciplines, all shows present an ongoing investigation of that which surrounds us, exploring our relationship to space and the subsequent impact it has upon identity and our sense of belonging. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 High Street, Windsor VIC 3181
Date: 26 May - 17 June
Time: Thursday & Friday 12- 7pm. Saturday & Sunday 12- 5pm
Ticket: Free.
Web: htp://
Call: 03 9525 2459
Alternating Current Art Space is pleased to announce the opening of five new exhibitions by Rob Bartolo, Mary Gray and Kate Walsh, Senye Shen, Zeljko Radic and Kosar Majani on 26 May at 6pm.

Beginning in Gallery One, Rob Bartolo"s paintings of nocturnal landscapes act as a stage in which to present a series of narratives driven by the streets of Melbourne. Influenced by personal experiences, Tangible Uncertainty seeks to assess the acceleration of modern life, and how it "may be connected to depression in today"s society." Via a layering of images, Bartolo elicits a sense of unease to these darkened scapes of realism.

The diverging practices of Mary Gray and Kate Walsh meanwhile, share a combined concern for the environment in The Earth Speaks. Taking place in Gallery Two, the exhibition is a statement to educe change, to begin listening to the hurt and suffering of our surrounding environments. Working with wax and wooden panels using encaustic methods, Gray pays homage to time spent in the mountains, deserts, forests and open plains of Australia, Europe, Nepal, India, America and New Zealand. In semblance to this, Walsh"s use of watercolour on rice paper seeks to explore images of environmental destruction.

Spanning across galleries Three, Four and The Cupboard, the cross-cultural project "Shifting Rhythm" aims to cultivate understanding and celebrate cultural diversity across three individual exhibitions. Bringing together the work of three artists whose own heritage has (directly or indirectly) influenced their practice, all seek to "engage with repetition and rhythm through various configurations that collectively re-imagine the world we share."

Through the mechanism of print-making, Senye Shen investigates perceptions of movement in everyday environments. Taking place in Gallery Three, Shifting Rhythm 1 offers a "visual sensory experience through the reverberation of movements between lines as a mode of communion" raising 'consciousness of the ever folding and unfolding of events.' Reflecting upon transience, Shen's use of repetition and pattern speak of the invisible forces travelling through space that we cannot see.

This idea of movement is continued within the work of Zeljko Radic. 'Shifting Rhythm 2" explores the 'shifting nature of perception, the way time and movement can be represented' through the deconstruction of the image plane via the proposition of line, pattern and mark making. Found in Gallery Three, Radic's use of drawing, animation and projected installation reflects upon the unstable and ever changing nature of perception.

Lastly, the project finds its conclusion in "Shifting Rhythm 3" by Kosar Majani. Via an assemblage of tapestry, print, paint and canvas, Majani 'uses patterns to create hybrid artwork to convey an alternative language about culture and ethic.' Taking place in The Cupboard, Shifting Rhythm 3 engages with both past and present exchanges of culture, leading to a fusion of Persian patterns and traditional weaving techniques within the contemporary art world.

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