Autumn at AC: 2- 24 March- New work by Jessie Cunningham-Reid, Keith Chang, Joshua Hook, and Alexandra Bell & Sorcha Wilcox

Published by: Kate Wallace | 28-Feb-2018
Alternating Current Art Space proudly presents the opening of four new exhibitions by Jessie Cunningham-Reid, Keith Chang, Joshua Hook, and Alexandra Bell & Sorcha Wilcox on 2 March at 6pm. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 High Street Windsor, Victoria Australia 3181
Date: 2- 24 March
Time: Opening night: 2 March 6-8pm. Exhibition hours: Thursday & Friday 12-7pm. Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm
Ticket: Free.
Call: 03 9525 2459"‹
Beginning in Gallery One, Jessie Cunningham-Reid presents Transcendental Couch. In abstractions of disused interior spaces, Reid's bold use of colour and strong mark making combine to form a series of paintings that question the authenticity of reality. As Carwyn McIntyre states, the artistic choices of colour, line and stroke that underpin Reid's practice draw attention to how we interact with our environs' questioning the authenticity of things in a world where simulacrum and representation are the new reality.' Influenced by the pure colour and raw mark making of the German Expressionists, the works are subverted through Reid's own memory of spaces long without purpose or use.

For multi-disciplinary artist Keith Chang, the ways in which virtual spaces affect and influence our perception of the world is explored in A.void/Devoid. With a keen interest in audience interaction through sensory design, Chang draws upon the gallery space as a medium in which to invite viewers to participate in the duality of the virtual and real world.' Taking place in Gallery Two,A.void/Devoid explores the relationship between these alternate spaces through light, sculpture and time-based media.

Joshua Hook examines the current evolution of Melbourne through the lens of destruction and renewal' in Our City of Tomorrow. Hook's drawings form a narrative of a city in flux and constant change. For Hook, the iconography of a city plays an important role to our sense of identity, community, and connection to place. In capturing this present state of growth and transition, the artist questions what impact this will have on our relationship to the city and its many spaces. As Hook aptly surmises, this exhibition is an archive of Melbourne in flux, and a bold vision of the future.'

Alexandra Bell and Sorcha Wilcox explore the nature of artistic collaborative processes in Cut and Continue. Taking place in Gallery Four and the Cupboard, the artists seek to re-evaluate the potentials of physical composition' through the act of Kire (the act of cutting away.) As Bell and Wilcox state: By placing restrictions upon our process and the methods in which we work, this collaborative exhibition exposes alternative versions of materiality, method, and outcome.' Through sculpture, video and sound, the artists work with the intent to examine process, and alternate materials.

All exhibitions will be open until 24 March 2018.

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