Author Marcela del Sol shakes us once again with her new book "InmorTal"

Published by: Gabriel | 27-Sep-2017
Chile born Australian feminist author Marcela del Sol impacts us once again with her new book "InmorTal", an incisive and crude collection of real life stories of abuse.
Marcela del Sol's best seller "Kaleidoscope: my life's multiple reflections" shocked us to the core through her crude and beautiful writing style telling of a woman who like the author lives with Dissociative Identity Disorder and emphasises the role of a woman as protagonist of her own sexual enjoyment in a particularly poignant style and the writer, who lives in Australia but has recently spent extended periods of time in her native Chile has done it again this time with her most recent work "InmorTal" (Editorial Desbordes, Chile); a collection of ten real life stories of abuse against girls and women in situations where this type of violence has remained far too long hidden or silenced: the church and the upper classes in Chile.

InmorTal includes the photographic collaboration of renowned feminist photographer Gabriella Rivera in an effort to provoke a more expedite social reaction to this phenomena.

Del Sol's and Rivera's own stories are also told in the book through the characteristic skilful style of the author that once again places her several steps ahead in the rare category of soul wrenching writer.

InmorTal is a must read but it is only available in Spanish at the moment through Editorial Desbordes, Chile or by contacting the Marcela's FB fan page or twitter.

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