Australian Satirical Novel Unwraps Time, Universe and Meaning of Life - Miles Hunt

Published by: Sirmai Arts Marketing | 8-Apr-2017
The Unfortunate Death of James Douglas O"Flaherty - By Miles Hunt. James Douglas O"Flaherty (Jimmy) walks outside his house one evening on his way to dinner and is killed when a tree branch falls on his head. The branch would"ve missed him if only he hadn"t returned to his house moments before to turn off a light, which he"d only done because a podcast he had listened to six months earlier about the dire consequences of global warming had inspired him to "make a difference". This difference would cost him his life.
But it was not the only decision that contributed to his death. Everything he did that day determined the exact sequence of events that led to his death. In fact, everything he did throughout his entire life, including his unlikely birth and conception, contributed to his death.

Even more important to Jimmy"s life (and thus also his untimely death) was the Big Bang and the creation of life on earth with the true nature of the universe finally exposed for what it truly is.

The Unfortunate Death of James Douglas O"Flaherty is an absurdly funny and occasionally poignant satire about life, the universe and random chance.

Miles Hunt is a lawyer by trade. He is not a particularly good lawyer. When asked to put callers through to the best lawyer in a particular field, the receptionist at his firm never put anyone through to him. It occurred to Miles he might be working in the wrong field; thus he began a journey of discovery to work out what exactly he should be doing. He was a drummer in the band Suite Nonchalant. Not a success. He tried stand-up comedy including gigs at various venues and festivals"¦ until one day when he performed a sketch show to an audience of two and he knew the party was over. For a brief, foolish, moment he thought his true path might be politics and joined the Drug Law Reform Party, hoping to be elected to the Senate at the Federal Election of 2013. He fell just a few hundred thousand votes short.

But in writing he has really found his true path"¦ and voice. Silhouettes of Men was followed by The Bayne of Existence and Thoughts of a Wanderer (all unpublished). A student of philosophy at university, Miles continued his training at the School of Practical Philosophy and realised - as he read Socrates, Buddha, Ghandi, Jesus and Shakespeare - that all people from across the planet, from all the ages of civilisation, have similar questions and thoughts about existence: a search for truth, justice, empathy, generosity and love are common to all people. In amongst the craziness and satire, this is what most informs The Unfortunate Death of James Douglas O"Flaherty.

Inspired by the writer"s love for comedy, philosophy, story-telling and the absurd, this is a cult hit in the making"¦ in the manner of The Hitchhiker"s Guide to the Galaxy.

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