Australian Revelations film series

Published by: Revelation Film Festival | 3-Mar-2018
The Revelation Film Festival's Australian Revelations monthly screening showcase of new and archival Australian feature films and documentaries. They're accompanied each month by a local short film and live Skype Q&A's with filmmakers and performers. We're back in 2018 with the award winning documentary Salute.
Salute examines the period before, during and after one of the most memorable moments and images from the Olympic Games.

At the 1968 Olympics, Australian athlete Peter Norman stands on the podium with a Silver medal around his neck after the 200m sprint. To his right stands US athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlo who together won Gold and Bronze. In the air is their clenched fist Black Power salute. While not clenching his fist, Norman undertook his own form of protest that had life-long repercussions.

From there an inspiring and surprising picture of protest and friendship emerge despite death threats, mass protests and government sanctions on the trio.

Directed by Peter Norman's nephew, Salute garnered multiple awards internationally including Best Documentary at the Sydney Film Festival and continues to hold considerable power and relevance.

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