Published by: Revelation Perth International Film Festival | 8-Aug-2017
Australian Revelations returns in August with the 2001 AFI Award winning film, Lantana.
Venue: The Backlot Perth
Address: 21 Simpson Street, West Perth
Date: Monday 28 August 2017
Time: Doors open 6.30pm
Ticket: From $20
Buy / Ticket:
Lantana marked a new direction for Australian cinema. With a discernible European feel it is layer upon layer of intertwined stories and shoots - just like the plant - and getting to the roots of the growth becomes more and more challenging.

As the film opens, a body is discovered in the shrub and as each story branch is removed to find the cause, those involved become more and more entangled in the world that has grown over them.

As complex interrelationships are exposed we are introduced to an all-star cast who turn in laser-guided performances aided by a script that twists and turns up many a garden path.

Despite the density of relationships and suspicions related to the murder and their own fidelity all are strangely alone and disconnected and it"s these explorations against the backdrop of murder that prove utterly engrossing.

Lantana was and is a completely unique Australian film.

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