Australian DVD/VOD release of 'We're Twisted F***ing Sister'.

Published by: Bounty Films | 22-Jun-2016
Melbourne, AU "“ 22nd of June 2016 - Bounty Films just wanna rock with excitement over the announcement of the Australian DVD/VOD release of We're Twisted F***ing Sister on the 20th of July.
Some considered Twisted Sister a joke, others called them the greatest bar band in the world. While Punk/New Wave took over New York City, Twisted Sister was battling their way to the top of a working class, suburban, cover-band bar scene - surrounding NY, yet existing in a parallel world. At its peak were monster clubs, packing in audiences of up to 3000-5000 a night - both a great living and a dead end, offering little future outside the suburban enclave. That Twisted Sister would break out into multi-platinum stardom is well known, but this is no fable of fame and success, no litany of celebrity tributes and fanboy adulation. Rather a smart, savvy and wickedly funny story of a 10-year odyssey to overnight success.'

Music and film critiques alike have been praising We're Twisted F***ing Sister:

""¦raucously riotous rags-to-riches record of rip-roaring rock renegades!... Very, very, very entertaining!" - The Hollywood Reporter

"Noise, mayhem, pathos, endless reversals and plenty of uproarious comedy." - The Independent

"...hilarious and revealing interviews"¦ as well as plenty of riotously entertaining footage from the band's Seventies Tri-State club heyday. Immensely compelling" "“ Dan Epstein, Rolling Stone

"Uproarious! A tale of excess, egotism and aburdity" - The Independent

"Twisted Sister doc will make you wanna rock" - The Seattle Times

We're Twisted F***ing Sister is a two-disc set and features over two and a half hours of extra and extended interview and an audio commentary by Andrew Horn. It will be available to from JB HI-FI and other major retailers from the 20th of July and available for streaming on Fetch TV and Vimeo on Demand.


Based in Melbourne and complemented by a passionate and dedicated staff who have over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Bounty is committed to releasing films that are both entertaining and culturally significant.

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