Australia's Independent Kids Performers Unite for Streaming Concert for Preschoolers

Published by: RJ | 6-Apr-2020
Australia's preschool entertainers have come together for a sing-a-long of living room proportions! In an effort to ensure they can still entertain, inspire and educate, eleven Australian (and one fabulous Canadian) children's entertainers have united for the very first streaming Kids Couch Concert. @companyofrogues
Available via streaming video platform Vimeo On-Demand, this music and dance-filled adventure takes kids 2-5 into the worlds, and living rooms, of some their favourite local performers, hosted by award-winning actor Emily McKnight (Jay's Jungle, Gravity Guts) as her preschool alter ego, Emily Who.

The concert' features green-room nominated clown Cameron Taylor, 2019 Kid's and Family Podcaster of the Year The Beanies', award-winning musical trio Avocado Smash', and ABC Kids favourite Pevan and Sarah', alongside local artists including Cheeky Tunes, B Minor and one international guest, Penny Pom Pom, who joins the cast from British Columbia.

Creator Emily McKnight is one of thousands of artists whose work disappeared as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold. McKnight was due to perform at the prestigious Visioni Festival in Bologna, however she found herself stranded in London as Italy entered lockdown and cancelled all cultural events. McKnight returned to Australia to self-isolate when she decided to bring together independent children's performers for a video special.

McKnight partnered with Sydney-based arts makers Rogue Projects to bring her idea to life. When everything changed for so many people during COVID-19, I wanted to do something to help, said Emily, Something to help my fellow performers that have lost gigs, to help the parents who now have their kids at home all day, and to help kids feel entertained and safe and connected... and something to help my brain survive isolation!

The concert is available now to own or rent via Vimeo on Demand, with 95% of profits going directly to the artists involved.

Emily Who's songs capture the joys of singing, dancing and movement.
Matt Smith, Music Director Kids Audio, ABC Kids Listen

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