Australia international students less satisfied than local

Published by: Dessy Rosalina / Macquarie University | 24-Oct-2018
Latest Student Experience Survey (SES) shows educational experience of international students in Australia below than domestic student
In general, female international students and male students rated their overall educational experience at 4% below domestic students and female students respectively. In 2017, undergraduate international student rating of the quality of the entire educational experience at 75%, lower than 79% rating of undergraduate domestic student.

Moreover, postgraduate coursework students from a non-English speaking background rated their overall educational experience 1% point below English speakers and domestic students. Last year, graduate student rated their whole educational experience at 76%, less 3% than undergraduate student.

Learner engagement and student support were the two lowest rating in 2017. In postgraduate level, the rating of the two areas at 52% and 73%, respectively. Meanwhile, undergraduate students rated at 60% and 73% for Learner engagement and student support.

Pratik Ambani, President of Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS) says, there does seem to be an increase in international student services in the recent few years. Although, it may not be proportionate to the significant growth of international student's number.

Furthermore, says Pratik, education institution should provide new services to tackle several new issues such as gambling addiction and domestic violence. Services such as tutoring support and study skills need to be developed and should be a primary focus for newly arrived international students. "Since a one size fits all' approach is not suitable for the diverse cohort of international students, these services do take time to evolve and deliver its purposes," said Pratik while contacted through e-mail.

The SES report published on March 2018 with around 148,000 undergraduate students and 58,000 postgraduate coursework students as a participant. The University of Divinity gets highest educational experience ranking at 91.1% compared to others university in Australia.

In the previous year, SES report also shows that overall educational experience at Macquarie University at 77,1%, with the lowest areas, are 56.5% in learner engagement, follows by 67.6% of student support.

The Student Representative Committee (SRC) Macquarie University says the university has provided adequate services for international students such as before commencing, international students can communicate with an authorized representative in their home country. Additionally, Macquarie University provides career, well-being, student accommodation and scholarships.

"Macquarie University is currently conducting international student surveys to improve further and develop both existing and new services," said SRC Macquarie University spoke person.

SRC Macquarie University added, the university provides $4 million in scholarships, many of which are dedicated to facilitating international student studies. Macquarie University is currently seeking a response from international students to gauge their satisfaction and experience, which represents an essential way for international students to voice budget concerns.

Despite has less satisfactions educational experiences, international students have a significant impact on Australia's economy. The Australian Bureau of Statistics said, in 2017 education exports were value $30.3bn. The number rose by 17.3 per cent last year. The education industry is Australia's third-largest export after coal and iron ore.

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