August at Alternating Current Art Space: New work by Scott Anderson, Julia Boros, Sarah Randall, and Keira Hudson. 18 August - 9 September

Published by: Kate Wallace | 16-Aug-2017
Set to open this coming Friday 18th August at 6pm, Alternating Current Art Space is pleased to announce the opening of five new exhibitions by Scott Anderson, Julia Boros, Sarah Randall, and Keira Hudson. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 High Street Windsor, Victoria
Date: Exhibition Dates: 18 August- 9 September. Opening Night: 18 August 6-8pm
Time: Thursday & Friday 12- 7pm. Saturday & Sunday 12- 5pm
Ticket: Free.
Call: 03 9525 2459"‹
Beginning in Gallery One, the architectural abstractions of Scott Anderson take form in Anicca#1. Drawing upon a recent trip to Vietnam, the works seek to address 'how cultural identities influence one's understanding of place." As part of ongoing studies into place/non-place within urban environments, Anicca#1 looks to explore "the relationships between colour, composition, line and space" in relation to expanded painting practice. Challenging the traditional remit of the painted surface, both form and space remain ambiguous within paintings built and constructed.

Exploring how forms manifest in conjunction with another, the idea of connection is expressed via a series of continuous tubular forms in Julia Boros" Seamless. Through the techniques of netting and circular knitting, the works relay the importance a knot or loop may have in the existence of the other. As described by Boros, the materials "behave as a skin" that contains contents, defining a boundary between forms. Found in Gallery Two and The Cupboard, Seamless captures this symbiotic relationship through a continuous textile design that both intrigues and delights.

In Sarah Randall"s latest series, intimate depictions of everyday food items commonly used and shared take precedence in The Pantry. For Randall, the "still life paintings consider how food is presented as an object of experience and desire," and in turn, how it "brings people to the table to share in each other"s company." Taking place in Gallery Three, the objects reflect upon communion, serving as a means by which we can understand one another.

Finally, Metamorphosis by Keira Hudson explores transformation and mortality through the photographic medium. Analysis of the human condition is at the heart of Hudson's practice. Her composites of naked bodies presented here 'as tangled and anonymous forms on the verge of consciousness.' Taking place in Gallery Four, Hudson's photographs exhibit a kind of painterly touch that in turn relays the unstable and changeable nature of the body.

All exhibitions will be open from 18 August to 9 September 2017.

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