Astounding Spacegirl Adventures

Published by: Helen Day | 18-Apr-2016
Comic Artist Jason Paulos will be unveiling his exciting new exhibition, Astounding Spacegirl Adventures @ Day Fine Art, Blackheath. OPENING Sat 23 April | 5pm
Venue: Day Fine Art
Address: 27-29 Govett's Leap Road Blackheath
Date: 23 April - 10 May
Time: Opening Sat 23 April 5pm
Call: 61424842294
Astounding Spacegirl Adventures | 23 April "“ 10 May 2016 | OPENING SAT 23, 5PM

46 year old Blackheath comic book artist Jason Paulos has been working for several decades as a freelancer for major comic book publishers. He has had his works printed in iconic publications such as MAD Magazine, Heavy Metal Magazine, Juxtapose Magazine, DC comics and Judge Dread.

Jason has been prolific in the course of his 20 years plus career. The Australian comic cult hit 'Hairbutt The Hippo Private Eye', won an Ozcon Award and has since featured regularly in Australian Mad Magazine.

He's drawn Green Lantern strips for DC comics and had his writing and art published in the Judge Dredd Magazine.

His self-published horror comic 'Eeek' was released to rave reviews in the U.S. thanks to Asylum press. This association has led to a regular position contributing to popular sci fi magazine: Heavy Metal.

His reputation as an accomplished draftsman and inker is internationally recognised.

He was nominated for a Ghastly Award in 2013 for best inker against heavy American and European competition.

Always quietly working away, this is the inaugural exhibition for Jason in his home of Blackheath. The new body of work, dubbed 'Astounding Space Adventures' is a culmination of his love for his craft. Drawing on decades of illustrating experience, he hopes to touch the audience with his quirky sense of humor that is embodied in his bold illustrative painting style.

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