Artwork Just Arrived At US Embassy Bahrain as Homage to California

Published by: Danielle Nelisse | 6-Aug-2018
When Justin Siberell was appointed as Ambassador by the President, he sought wildfires artwork from California artist Danielle Nelisse to exhibit at the US Embassy in Manama, Bahrain.
Originally from California, Ambassador Siberell is a former firefighter and he wants to share his experience with the wildfires in California. Ambassador Siberell's staff disclosed that he connected with Nelisse's vibrant artwork series, entitled "Wildfires."

Nelisse revealed that her Wildfires series was first inspired in 2014 when nine wildfires simultaneously surrounded her art studio in Southern California.

While she stood in her art studio creating the first paintings on two canvases side-by-side, her family members checked in over the phone. She kept painting. The sky became dark with charred ash. The massive wildfires were fed for days by the hot Santa Ana winds that blew in from the desert. To date she has completed nine wildfires paintings and luckily she hasn't been ordered to evacuate her art studio "“ at least not yet.

Many of the Wildfires paintings start out flat on the floor, with vertical and horizontal marks becoming the starting point. Using palette knives and different sized brushes, Nelisse applies colors in thick swathes and fine lines, relying on both bold gestures and precision. For example, in Wildfires V, a fiery lemon yellow is contrasted with angled parallel magenta, olive, and teal tree trunks that trace the burned trees from the foreground to the sky.

Danielle Nelisse is an Artist, Private Investigator, and Immigration Attorney; she has formal training in art, law, criminal investigation, and urban planning. Her experience as a private investigator specializing in homicide cases provides her with an informed perspective on human action, human interaction, and how economic and environmental factors influence human behavior. As an immigration attorney she has years of experience with the impact of climate change on her international clientele as they migrate.

In order to express herself visually, Nelisse uses art to depict imagery associated with climate change. "I feel that a majority of people are overwhelmed with emotions regarding the impact of climate change, and the fact that the solutions are so complex. By creating abstract paintings that address climate change, I invite viewers to voice their emotions about this devastating problem the international community faces."

Danielle Nelisse's art is exhibited in museums, universities, and Fortune 500 companies.

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