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ArtSHINE Gallery introduces “Oztronomy” Solo Exhibition by Ed Hurst, Opening 6pm to 8pm Thursday 11 May 2017!!!

BY Mickie with ArtSHINE Gallery in Chippendale | 13-Apr-2017
Save the Date in May! You will be captivated with a whole new way of seeing the world through a lens!! ArtSHINE Gallery is working with Head On Festival the largest festival in Sydney for Photography! ~ “Oztronomy” Exhibition: runs 01st- 28th May by Ed Hurst. Make your way to in Chippendale on Thursday night from 6-8pm on the 11 May 2017 for the official opening!!! (Date was updated so please note it is on Thursday!!!) #artshinegallery #chippendale #art #photography #astrophotography
Ed Hurst is quoted " Underpinning this work is the way that our cities, civilisations, ideas – indeed our very existence – seem so important to us, so huge, so enduring, yet are revealed to be tiny and transient when viewed against the infinite cosmos. The pictures depict Earthly scenes, some of them urban, others much wilder, being towered over by the stars. They seem to rush past as our planet spins, yet they look serenely on. Centuries ago, the same stars gazed down. In eons to come, they will be there still. When Earth itself has died, still they will be there – looking blankly and beautifully. In these uncertain times, it is perhaps useful to get some perspective and realise how tiny we are…" ~ E.H. @ ArtSHINE Gallery

"Ed has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and has never been more devoted to creating great images. At the core of his approach are three abiding passions: revelling in the beauty of the world, finding a distinctive ‘voice’ and exploring the connection we all have with our natural environment.

Astrophotography is a crucial element of Ed’s work. It was Australia’s amazingly clear night sky that truly ignited this passion in him – both in the deep darkness of the outback and the surprisingly interesting skies over our cities. Creating such pictures over the light pollution of Sydney requires hard work and technical precision. His star trail pictures involve techniques that he has created himself – producing results that even respected astronomers believed to be impossible in an urban environment.

Ed is also a passionate advocate for the environment – especially important, as it allows him to do the job he loves. His work constantly expresses the strong yet fragile beauty of the world, and how our ability to survive depends on our ability to co-exist with nature."

See you Thursday night from 6pm to 8pm, surprise your date on a great night of art!!


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