Arts Party Stands 20 candidates at first Federal Election

Published by: PJ Collins | 15-Jun-2016
Despite being less than 2 years old and completely financed by crowdfunding campaigns and membership fees, the Arts Party is standing 20 candidates at the forthcoming election. 13 Senate candidates across all states and 7 standing for the House of Representatives in Wentworth, Warringah, Bennelong, Franklin, Dunkley, Longman and Petrie. #ausvotesarts #theartsparty @TheArtsParty
Full details of all candidates can be found hon our website.

Why Is The Arts Party Unique?

"¢ We are less than 2 years old, have almost 2500 paid members, we crowdfunded into existence, we also crowdfunded to stand our current candidates in 2016.

"¢ At our first federal election, we are standing 20 candidates across the country, 13 for the senate, 7 for the House of Representatives. There are senate candidates in every state in the country. -

"¢ We are the only party in Australia dedicated to encouraging a more creative, cultural, educated and prosperous life for every Australian.

"¢ We are the only Arts Party in the World.

"¢ We are the only party with a dedicated music industry/community platform.

"¢ Our National Cultural Policy is significantly more ambitious than any of the major parties "“ Costings are Arts Party: $824.6m, Greens: $344.2m, Labor: $161.3m, Coalition: no policy.

"¢ We are the only party with a poet in residence. We want to see one in the Federal parliament too.

"¢ We want to get an independent senator for the Arts elected in Australia, and artistic voice to supplement the lawyers, accountants and lobbyists that fill our parliaments.

"¢ We hope to collect a MILLION votes at this election and by doing so, force all the major parties to improve their support, investment in and treatment of the Arts in all our lives, in education, in communities, and in supporting Australia's Creative Industries.

"¢ We are a principle driven movement without any overriding ideology to justify our positions. We want to work with all sides to help create the best possible outcomes to improve the present and future of all Australians.

"¢ We have shared all our policy ideas with all the major parties in the hope they will adopt some. The Greens adopted one of our ideas in their arts platform a few weeks ago.

More Information, contact PJ Collins on or call 0404 116 310

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