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Published by: Arts Party | 29-Apr-2016
THE ARTS PARTY EXISTS TO ENCOURAGE A MORE CREATIVE, CULTURAL, EDUCATED AND PROSPEROUS LIFE FOR EVERY AUSTRALIAN. We have now reached a MAJOR moment, to take that mission to the 2016 Federal Election, where we intend to make supporting the Arts, our communities and our creative industries a MAJOR ISSUE. The election is expected to occur on 2nd July. @TheArtsParty #artsparty

This is going to be a tight election. A million votes will be something no political party can ignore. Whichever one wins doesn't matter, because we can all win. By supporting this campaign, then together, we can change the future of Australia. This is the only campaign on Pozible that offers that as an outcome!

The last 18 months have been a complete disaster for small and medium sized community organisations across the country and is only getting worse as the funding cuts keep biting. Arts in education has been equally sidelined by our current government and threatens the potential of an entire generation. Our museums, galleries and libraries are also being seriously defunded. Abbott, Brandis, Fifield, Turnbull - they're leaving quite a legacy.

The Arts Party is the best and frankly ONLY option to show direct support for these issues when we're all standing in the election booths later this year. No other party is going to even comment on the treatment of the Arts unless we make them. You can get regular updates as the election unfolds either through our Facebook Page or Website.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We have thousands of supporters across the country, a great policy platform, superb candidates, growing press coverage and access to every voting slip at the next election. We've already stood our first candidate in the North Sydney by-election last year and have plenty of experience to roll into this campaign. We just need a few more funds to make it all happen. PLEASE SUPPORT US TODAY.

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