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Artist tour with Helen Earl and Tania Rollond

BY Marina Dobson | 06-Aug-2018
Come and join us for a tour of Clay Intersections with featured artists Tania Rollond and Helen Earl led by exhibition curator and CH Gallery Coordinator Cath Fogarty. 
In her practice Helen Earl explores natural materials and/or the found object in conjunction with clay forms and components as a means of exploring connections between the domestic space and the surrounding natural environment. Helen explores both her personal experience and cultural connections as well as the science pertaining to the tree species. Her intention is to take the viewer deep into the tannin stained waters of inland river estuaries and wind swept coastal landscapes that the Casuarina and Allocasuarina genus inhabits to reveal stories of shared human histories.

Tania makes visual puzzles. Her drawings collapse elements from the physical, remembered, and imagined worlds into one another - hints of a roofline or a table can be partly teased out, but remain ambiguous. These are drawings about perception, in which her aim is to capture or even create a feeling of uncertainty, a situation that is irresolvable.

In this series, it is the end of autumn, at dusk. It is the moment of Octavio Paz’s poem ‘Between Going and Staying’ where “all is visible and all elusive”. The eye drifts, the mind sifts, and memories become objects.