Published by: Rainbow Arts and Culture Foundation | 5-Nov-2018
The Artist Grants Program encourages innovative original art that engages with people, decorates and enhances the Rainbow Serpent Festival grounds. We invite everyone to bring their creative ideas and unique flavour; and that participating in this program will encourage greater artistic expression and allow your unique artistic endeavours to come to life.
Rainbow Arts and Culture Foundation Artist Grants 2018

Our artist development grants program in collaboration with Rainbow Serpent Festival is open to emerging and established artists, presenting an opportunity to construct, manage and present new work to a large audience in a natural, professional outdoor environment.

We encourage submissions that develop a high-quality, imaginative artistic practice that will reach and engage with diverse audiences.

To apply and for further information please visit:

Submission deadline is midnight Sunday 25th November 2018

Please remember that we are situated in the Australian outdoors and artworks must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. All installations must be well lit at night in order to be viewed throughout the entire event. Submissions must be well thought out, and use materials that are conducive to the harsh conditions of the Australian outdoor environment (eg. high winds, rain and extreme UV(sun) and heat).

The grants program is open to, but not limited to the following mediums:

Shade Structures
Social/ Environmental/ Political themes

The Artist Grants Program totals $22,000 and is divided into the following grants**;

2 x $5000
1 x $3000
2 x $2000
1 x $2000 Memory Seed Multimedia Arts Grant (details below )
2 x $1000
2 x $500

**Please specify in your application which funding stream you wish to apply for.

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