Published by: Q Theatre | 30-Apr-2019
Q Theatre has built a table, a long table, and over three months, three artists will each curate a month's worth of activities around the Long Table - in The Joan's Atrium Foyer - for the public to enjoy.
Kicking off this autumn, Long Table is curated by leaders from local CALD, LGBTQI+ and First Nations, communities with the view of to creating a space for discussion, celebration and reflection on their diasporic culture and relationship to Western Sydney.

Each month will feature panels, parties, workshops, catch ups, cups of tea and will culminate in a final night-time gathering filled with art, food and drink. The doors are open, the tickets are free, RSVP online at for details.
May's Long Table program is here, this time curated by artist Bhenji Ra. Titled Bad Girls Club, May's program aims to provide a space for radical femme knowledge and expression through a series of panels, workshops and parties.
The month's events will be directed by trans and queer women of colour who share local histories of living and existing as femme bodies in western Sydney and whose experience of this has both shaped themselves and their respective practices.
Bad Girls Club hopes to engage local women, femmes and queer communities in the Penrith precinct to explore the complexities of existing and reclaiming space within western Sydney.

The program includes:

"¢ Vogue Beginners Workshop: This event will invite local community members to engage with the history of New York's Ballroom culture through a beginner's workshop of the style Vogue. Dancer, artist and proud Tokelau woman Taimania Foa'i will breakdown both the elements of the dance style as well as its meaning to the greater culture of queer people of colour around the globe. Saturday 4th May 1.00pm - 2.30pm.
"¢ Girls from the Area Panel: This panel discussion will invite artists whose roots and histories are connected to western Sydney and the Penrith precinct. Artist will discuss the dynamics of living on the outskirts of Sydney while also moulding their identities as queer and trans/gnc people of colour. Saturday 11th May 2.30pm - 3:30pm.
"¢ IDAHOBIT Lunch. Q Theatre is opening the Long Table to a lunch to celebrate the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Hosted by The Joan's programming team, audiences are invited to join in a chance to catch up and connect with community. Friday 17th May 1.00pm - 1.45pm.
"¢ Bad Girls Club Ball: This event will conclude the month's curation in a small, block-party type style community ball. Artist will be invited to perform as well as local members who have been engaging with the month's events, showcasing collaborations between generations and art practices. Friday 24th May 7.00pm - 10.30pm

Of the program, Bhenji Ra said "I'm so excited to be able to curate this month's Long Table and to be able to invite members from my community to come and activate the space of Q Theatre. As a queer person of colour I think it's incredibly important for myself and my community to not only take up space within our neighbourhood but to also feel like spaces like these are both welcoming and available for us to use.

"I have engaged many artists and members of the community who exist or were raised within Sydney's western suburbs who previously have not been granted the space to do what they do. It's important that we continue to claim space and to de-centre Sydney's inner west and city as the only apparent safe space for queer people to exist and work," said Ra.

The Long Table project is made possible thanks to the support of Create NSW and the Western Sydney Strategic Opportunities Fund.

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