Artist at home - 2 weeks in lock down! DAY TWO

Published by: Running Duck Studio | 19-May-2020
Daily insights into life of an artist in lockdown. DAY TWO: Candles at sunrise, Art in the bathroom and beaches, plus a little bit of country. Each day a unique COVID Life Art is created documenting the experiences of the community at large in a humourous and emotion collection.
Country Style

Todays COVID life drawing is, of course, Anzac themed, the ease of today's  remembrance service made it somehow easier for everyone to join in, hope you like it Me Myself and I

Set the alarm to get up early..didn't need it, the dog pushed me out of bed just before the alarm went off. It's a big dog! Was mindful to not start a bush fire as I set my candles up on the drive, then sat and watched the mist roll by till the sun peeked over the mountains. A beautiful time of day. Kind of lucky our neighbours are so far away, I am not sure how impressed they would be by my full length fluffy red hooded dressing gown and gumboots.

Roughed out some ideas for today's COVID living, Anzac inspired drawings while still in my Pj's, such luxuries.

Forced me to get dressed and began work on the Running Duck Studio website. America here I come! well it will be a while andnot literally The lock-down has forced me to fast track my focus on the American art market so I am finishing adding a shop from Fine Arts America to the RDS site. So I now my work can be put on Towels, Yoga mats, notepads and even shower curtains. I have this one drawing with two dogs and a boy sitting on a bench with their back to us, so when it put on the shower curtain, it looks like they are sitting watching you in the shower hahaha.

Staring at the screen too long sends me a little wacky so collected the days harvest from the veggie patch for a break and got the freshly made bread out. We are as self-sufficient as possible so eat seasonal veg and fruit as we grow them. Trying to balance how much to grow, how to store and preserve is a bit experimental at the moment, but this pandemic has certainly brought home the need to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible. We have even made Broccoli and spinach powder from the leaves and ugly veggies..what are you doing differently now you are in lock-down?

All the fresh air has me thinking a little bit country for this afternoon drawing session. The vid shows the good the bad and the ugly again but today no colour, back to the classic Country satire for a bit of fun. Perhaps cheer us up after such a serious morning of remembrance. I don't know about you, but I Ball my eyes out during the usual ceremonies so at least I am not feeling so drained today.

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