Art Wolfe Presents Pathways to Creativity Online Learning

Published by: Deirdre Skillman | 20-Oct-2020
When one door closes, another opens. Forced to cool his heels at his studio during the pandemic, master photographer and traveler Art Wolfe has created an online virtuoso course of artistic photographic composition. Infused with the wisdom, wit, and skill from a career spanning five decades, Pathways to Creativity is an evergreen, epic learning experience for photographers and creatives of all backgrounds and professions.
Not only will you learn technique from an expert in the field, Wolfe will take you on a virtual tour of the world and all its wonders at the same time. Today, the challenge for both professional and amateur photographers lies in maintaining enthusiasm and creativity when the more obvious subjects seem to have been exhausted, says Wolfe.

You'll learn that the beauty, emotion and versatility expressed through photography are matched only by the limits of your imagination. Pathways to Creativity highlights common visual elements, from shape and space to texture and light, and shows you how to apply them to enhance your own compositions. You'll explore innovative ways to translate conceptual ideas into creative results, learn how to spot the non-obvious, and uncover new ways to expand your visual imagination. Free Your Mind from the Banal Bucket List!


¢ Season One is twelve hour-long episodes, plus a bonus episode for those who purchase the complete season
¢ A new awareness of the working methods and accomplishments of artists and designers that will help you translate your conceptual ideas into creative results
¢ Numerous tips on how to spark your imagination and tools to open up your creative thinking
¢ The impetus to expand and challenge yourself on your journey to become a master of the craft


¢ Amateur photographers seeking to move to the next level
¢ Seasoned professionals wanting to maintain creative momentum
¢ Novices looking to use photography to further creative expression
¢ Travelers who want to improve the quality of capture for their special trips and adventures
¢ Art history, architecture, design and other professional creatives
¢ Creative individuals wanting to spark their imagination


Art Wolfe is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose award-winning work has taken him to the farthest reaches of every continent. His photographs have appeared in hundreds of publications and have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. He has published over 100 books, many of which are award-winners. He is the host of public television's Art Wolfe's Travel to the Edge, which has now been syndicated worldwide. With this extensive experience and his degrees in art and art education, Art's diverse background makes him ideally suited to illuminate subjects difficult to articulate yet central to the creative process: inspiration, passion, vision and imagination.

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